1. god why is fuckin disco zoo taking hours to download is it because zoos are heartbreaking or

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3D drawingcolor print14x20”


    3D drawing
    color print

  1. this old millionaire guy started talking to me he just broke his ankle twice and he had all this financial advice for me it was actually v cool of him

  1. hmm I am dissociating on the way to this thing

    maybe I don’t want to be here but.I thought I did I hope I don’t fuck everything up

  1. I start my new volunteer job today wish me luck pals

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    Mission accomplished

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    tap water is garbage too. i buy the gallons broe

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    souljaboytellem we’re a team… follow me back brah

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    smug chortle ft amnesia hazington

  1. I feel like doodoo and I miss lauren

    but I start my new job tomorrow so that’s positive. tomorrow will be better.

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astralcat pt 2



    astralcat pt 2


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